Council Highlights - Monday, January 27, 2020

January 28, 2020

The Rogers TV broadcast of this meeting will be available online at

Community Announcements:

  • EPCOR announced donation to Sunset Point Park Playground project.
  • Members of Council commented on Art of Winter Festival success, Hockey for Hope Bake Table success, Family Literacy Day, Local Yogi event fundraising for the Hospital, update from an EPCOR Meeting, Councillor McLeod as new Vice Chair at NVCA, BMFA Award Opportunity, United Way Women United funding available, the Red Shoe campaign, 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz, and Elvis Fest reviewing management proponents.

Development and Operations Services Standing Committee:

  • Council approved recommendations on:
    • consideration for advertising on the back of parking receipts.
    • Part Lot Control Exemption at Eden Oak Indigo Estates Subdivision
    • adding evaluation process for landowner requests for re-designation to the Official Plan Update project.
    • Master Servicing Plan for Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems
    • Provincial Discussion Paper on Transforming and Modernizing the Delivery of Ontario's Building Code Services.


  • Council approved the motion to endorse Councillor Jeffery in the election for the FCM Nation Board of Directors.


  • Council approved By-laws on:
    • appointing a member to the Accessibility Advisory Committee
    • Part Lot Control Exemption at Eden Oak Indigo Estates Subdivision

Other Business:

  • Mayor Saunderson provided an update on the UN Habitat Economic Project, which held a procedural meeting on Monday, January 27.

Agendas and Minutes are available online at: