Council Highlights - Monday, June 10, 2019

June 10, 2019

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Community Announcements:

  • Members of Council promoted the County of Simcoe Waste Management App and Pink Bag clothing collection, Home Horizons initiatives, Newcomer welcomes, Youth athletics successes, Relay for Life, FCM, Urban Forest Management Plan Engagement, Collingwood Colts, Collingwood Public Library scheduling, Kinette Club fundraising, E3 BBQ, Collingwood Hospital dinner, and The Legion.


  • Norah Holder, President & CEO provided a Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Redevelopment Update.
  • Marg Scheben-Edey and Pam Hillier discussed Out of the Cold Southern Georgian Bay.

Reports from Other Committees/Boards

  • Ken Haigh, Library CEO, gave an update on Inter-library Loans.

Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee

  • Council received a Staff Report on the 2019 Development Charges Background Study and related by-law.
  • Council approved the IT Governance Policy and IT Steering Committee terms of reference.
  • Council approved the 2019-2024 Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan for the Town of Collingwood.
  • Council received a Staff Report on Statement of Development Charge and Cash-in-Lieu of Parkland Reserve Funds.
  • Council approved a by-law to set the tax rates and to levy taxes for the year 2019.
  • Council received a Staff Report on Federal Gas Tax Top Up Funds.
  • Council received the Q4 Variance and Surplus Allocation presentation.
  • Council received a Staff Report on Statement of Reserves and Reserve Funds.
  • Council received a Staff Report on Library Program Fees.

Corporate & Community Services Standing Committee:

  • Council approved a by-law to provide for the levy and collection of sums required by the Collingwood Business Improvement Area for the year 2019.
  • Council approved that a request be made to the County of Simcoe that the date of garbage collection be changed to Fridays, at the request of the Collingwood Downtown BIA Board of Management.
  • Council directed the CAO to sign the updated Memorandum of Understanding, together with other BDC partners, renewing it for a period of 1 year with an option to extend it beyond this period at the Town’s discretion. Council also authorized Staff to explore opportunities to review the terms of the relationship with the partners and develop further service delivery options including identification of a new BDC co-location site which the partners and Town staff could move to in downtown Collingwood by the end of 2020.
  • Council directed Staff to transition the management of the Collingwood Elvis Festival beginning in 2020, through the municipal special event permitting process.
  • Council directed Staff to prepare a Staff Report to further investigate the implementation of an accelerator program including the required resources needed for the program.

Staff Reports:

  • Council authorized an increase in the 2019 budget for the judicial inquiry be increased an additional $3.0 million and not utilize the asset sale proceeds (as recommended by staff) until consultation has closed and until after staff investigate opportunities to use reserves to fund the shortfall.

Other Business:

  • Council approved that requests from the Consent Agenda or Deputations be considered by the appropriate Standing Committee prior to being referred to Council.
  • Councillor Comi inquired as to if the line painting will include crosswalks, if the bike racks are set-up and if the closing date for the Asset Sale Proceeds piece on Engage Collingwood could be extended.
  • Mayor Saunderson thanked the Public Works Staff for the flashing speed signs and inquired about temporary bike racks for the Farmer's Market.
  • Councillor Berman requested that the Surplus Management Policy and Governance Structure be reviewed.
  • Director Collver advised that the date of the meeting regarding the Review of the PRC Operational Budget will be determined in the near future.


  • Council approved a by-law to appoint members to the Accessibility Advisory Committee.

Agendas and Minutes are available online at: