Curbside Pick-up 10 Point Checklist for Businesses during COVID-19

May 11, 2020
Business Buzz
Curbside Pick-up

10-Point Checklist

1.    Customers should order online or by phone if possible 
2.    Have customers pre-pay online or over the phone 
3.    Establish a process to minimize the time required to complete the curbside transaction 
       •    Advise customers not to use their own containers, reusable bags or boxes 
4.    Schedule pick-up times 
      •    Set-up 15 minute pick-up times that can be reserved online or over the phone
5.    Have customers notify you when they arrive by phone or text 
6.     Load the product into the car if possible
      •    Customer to remain in the vehicle with their windows rolled up to limit contact 
      •    Have them display receipt and/or idea on the dash
7.    For store walk-ups, place multiple signs near entrances about the physical distancing methods being used
       and what customers should do 
      •    Have someone available to direct customers 
      •    Set up queue lines at entrances – cones or ropes work well - be sure pedestrians are able to safely use
           the sidewalk as well 
      •    Place markers (tape or cones) every two metres to act as distancing cues 
      •    If the queue outside your store gets too long to manage, consider ways to have customers queue up
           digitally and leave their contact information.
8.    For in-person payments, have cashiers step back from customers if the card reader cannot be relocated two
       metres away from cashier 
      •    Have a wireless card reader available outside and disinfect frequently 
      •    Encourage no-contact payment (credit, debit) instead of cash 
9.    Encourage employees and customers to wear face coverings (non-medical masks or cloth masks) 
10.  Ensure employees sanitize hands and surfaces after each interaction 

 General Information 
      •    Curbside pick-up does not include sidewalk sales or displays of goods on the sidewalk at this time 
           (outdoor marketing displays by grocers with existing City permits are still allowed) 
      •    Restrict public access to your location as much as possible 
           -    Customers are not permitted to enter your store to select goods, try on or sample goods, or return or
                exchange goods 
      •    Post signage clearly stating the measures you have taken to ensure the safety of customers and
           -    encourage at-risk customers to return home and self-isolate (ie: symptoms, recent travel, exposure to
               someone with COVID-19) 

Service Request for By-law Enforcement 
Telephone:     705-445-1030 ext. 3256

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