Emergency Preparedness Week - May 5 to May 11

May 6, 2019
Fire & Emergency Services
Emergency Preparedness (2)

Make your Emergency Preparedness Action Plan today! By taking a few simple steps, you can be better prepared! Let's make Collingwood one of the top communities in Ontario for individuals creating Emergency Preparedness Action Plans for their households.

  • MAKE A PLAN - the first step to being prepared is to think about what you would do in different situations & prepare a plan with every member of your family. In an emergency, you may be asked to evacuate your home.
  • BUILD A KIT - now is the time to build an emergency survival kit that has everything you & your family would need to be safe & take care of yourselves for at least 3 days immediately following an emergency.
  • BE INFORMED - there are 2 main ways that you can be informed about emergencies: sign up for Ontario’s Emergency Alerts, & learn more about the hazards you can face & how you can be prepared for them.
  • Helpful Pocket Guide - gives insight on hazards, emergency kits, evacuations, shelter-in-place, plans for families & pets, and how to stay connected & informed - Emergency Preparedness starts with you!
  • Children's Activity Booklet - Learning about Emergency Preparedness with your family can be informative & fun!
  • Learn More - Town of Collingwood's Emergency Management information.