Explore the Family Literacy Story Map

January 28, 2020
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Family Literacy Story Map

Starting as a Family Literacy Day initiative, the Family Literacy Story Map identifies areas and activities in the Collingwood community where you can engage in literacy.

Literacy skills are an essential building block for school readiness and future success, but it is about more than just reading. We are engaging in literacy when we grocery shop, when we use electronic devices, when we play – literacy is truly everywhere.

Children who participate in early literacy programmes and activities hear 30 million more words before they start kindergarten than their peers who do not participate. Early literacy skills are comprised of reading, writing, singing, talking, and playing. We engage in these activities every day, and so the opportunity for literacy building is all around us.

The Family Literacy Story Map is designed to identify areas in Collingwood where children and family can find literacy, engage in play, and talk, write or sing about what they are experiencing. Literacy is everywhere, let’s embrace it!

Explore the Family Literacy Story Map