Fruit Trees Planted At Heritage Park

December 4, 2019
Parks, Recreation, & Culture
Heritage Park

The Depave Project is underway at Heritage Park, and five fruit trees were planted at the project site on Monday, November 25. The Town of Collingwood has partnered with the Environmental Network on this Depave Project, and is using the Depave Paradise - Green Communities Canada program grant and the Frank Cowan Company Home Town Program grant to accomplish some helpful park features.

In August of 2019, old asphalt was removed from the park, with support of community volunteers and the Canadian Action Program for Children (CAPC). Then in September, container garden boxes built by CCI students were installed with the help of CAPC, the Free Spirit Gardens, volunteers, Parks Staff, the Collingwood Colts, and the Environment Network. 

In the Spring of 2020, the community garden will be planted, and a new shed, water barrel, plants, and signs will be added. The Town will be working with CAPC to deliver a community garden program, working in collaboration with the Adult Learning Centre located in the new Simcoe County Housing buildings.
Why did we Depave this area and introduce a community garden and fruit trees?


  • Removing hard surfaces reduces flood risk by allowing rain to soak into the ground and replenishes groundwater
  • beautification
  • addition of trees and plants promotes sustainable agriculture

Health & Well-being

  • greater access to nutritious food
  • social connection and inter-generational programming
  • physical activity
  • knowledge sharing and education
  • community safety
  • reconnects people to their local food sources
  • builds community