Greener Collingwood: Guides & Scouts Plant 100 Trees & Shrubs at Harbourview Park

May 27, 2019
Parks, Recreation, & Culture
Treeplanting May 2019

On Saturday, May 25, the First Collingwood Guides and the Third Collingwood Scouts planted 100 trees and shrubs at Harbourview Park in Collingwood.

This day of treeplanting was made possible through the Scouts Canada initiative called Scoutrees.

The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority donated the trees and shrubs. Many different species were planted, including Nannyberry, Dogwood, Silver Maple, and Shagbark Hickory.

These trees and shrubs were planted in the Harbourview Park naturalized area, which is located on the north side of the Awen' Gathering Circle.