Hearing Your Community Concerns

June 9, 2020
Rally - June 2020

Town of Collingwood encourages diversity and inclusion, shares concerns about intolerance

At noon on Monday, June 8, a large demonstration occurred outside of Town Hall and moved through Town. The event was in support of Black Lives Matter and it was noted that efforts were made to minimize risks of COVID-19 transmission by wearing masks and trying to stay physically distant. Attendees shared positive, peaceful messages, and passionately voiced concerns regarding equality and justice for all regardless of skin colour or ethnic origin.

Many Town staff and Members of Council were present and listening and will use the messages shared, both verbally and through the signs people brought to the rally, to improve upon efforts to make Collingwood a place of inclusion and fairness for all. We share in the community’s concerns about intolerance, systemic racism, and symbols of hate. The Town looks to take a more active role in promoting diversity, tolerance, and increasing inclusion overall.

Council has asked staff to develop a means by which we can increase awareness of the strength of a community that springs from diversity and ensures a sense of inclusion.

Town Council and staff support inclusiveness and equity for all – including the right to live in a community that is accepting of all variations of the human race. This is found in the Town’s internal corporate policy and in strategic and master planning documents. The Town of Collingwood seeks to be a champion of equality as demonstrated through Town policy both internally and externally.

Council has directed staff to research and return with a report regarding how Collingwood should respond to the presence of symbols that are seen to be offensive, racist, and/or objectionable.

Council and staff are listening and developing actions that can be taken. Council will be having a discussion with concerned citizens at the Monday, June 15 Council Meeting. The Town welcomes public engagement, input, inquiries, and feedback.

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