Mayor’s Advisory Team on Economic Development Announced

November 19, 2019
Business Buzz
Economic Development Action Plan

At the Monday, November 18 Development & Operations Standing Committee Meeting, Mayor Brian Saunderson announced the Mayor's Advisory Team on Economic Development. This Advisory Team will help draft the new Economic Development Action Plan along with Town Staff and a strategic consultant.

The Town received excellent applications for the Mayor's Advisory Team on Economic Development, and the 12 business leaders selected bring experience ranging from multinationals to local entrepreneurs, technology to tourism sectors, finance to HR, and marketing skills. Key considerations in the selection process focused on ensuring a diversity of skillsets, expertise, experience, and perspectives on economic development.

The Mayor's Advisory Team on Economic Development will be:

  • Paola Accettola
  • Anthony Griffiths
  • Bruce Harbinson
  • Brandon Houston
  • Chris Jordan
  • Dave Maney
  • Johnathan Smeh
  • Tony Smith
  • Andrew Stuart
  • Shelby Taylor
  • Foster Williams
  • Gillian Fairley

These business leaders will gather and bring forward ideas at an upcoming workshop to ensure Collingwood has a bright economic future. Their ideas will be one of the cornerstone inputs into the new Economic Development Action Plan that Staff is working on.

“These business leaders have a passion for Collingwood’s economic and business growth and will help guide the next 5 year Economic Development Action Plan,” commented Mayor Brian Saunderson, “The Action Plan will help established businesses grow, attract investors, employers, and entrepreneurs, and will ensure the right conditions exist for the new wave of businesses coming to, and growing in, Collingwood.”

The new Economic Development Action Plan will also diversify the tax base, allowing the municipality to fund the services that make Collingwood an attractive place to live and work.

There will be several additional opportunities for the business community to provide input and share their ideas about economic development and increasing Collingwood's investment attractiveness. An Economic Development survey is available on ​​Engage Collingwood until Tuesday, December 31.

Learn more about the Economic Development Action Plan initiative on Engage Collingwood at