NOTICE - Planning Services Continue To Support The Community

March 31, 2020
Planning & Development

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Planning Division offices are not physically open, but the Town continues to provide remote services subject to delays, suspensions, or disruption to service associated with the current COVID-19 crisis (navigate to the bottom of the page for Emergency Orders of the Province of Ontario impacting the processing of appeals and Planning Act applications). 

The Town of Collingwood Planning Services division is here to help support the community through the current crisis, to plan for and advance recovery of important community functions, and work toward stabilizing services as the crisis lifts. The intent of the measures set out below is to ensure that the work of the Town continues and residents, stakeholders, and the development industry continue to be well-served under these unique circumstances. Staff will keep the lines of communication open and work with you to advance matters as best as possible. 

Staff Availability
Staff are working remotely and will be available via:

  • e-mail (preferred method) or phone message directly with your assigned Planning Division contact
  • by way of the Planning division’s central contact phone number 705-445-1290 or email to our Administrative staff member, Belinda Boucher  

Meetings involving more than two (2) parties:

  • Meetings involving more than two parties to discuss planning-related matters including scheduling pre-consultation or preliminary inquiry meetings can be arranged by Microsoft Teams teleconference or telephone conference calls. (Please advise if you are able to use Microsoft Teams for this purpose).

Receiving and Processing Documentation
During the closure of our offices, resubmissions for current applications and submissions of new Planning Act applications will continue to be accepted digitally via your electronic link or our electronic share file link and by hard copy. We require both formats – electronic and digital.

Please courier paper documents related to a planning submission as follows:

  • 1 set of unbound paper documents for Planning, and
  • 1 set of paper documents for Engineering, to:

The Town of Collingwood Public Works, 545 Tenth Line, Collingwood, ON L9Y 0W1

Resubmissions and new applications will be evaluated and circulated as appropriate. 

In an effort to ensure proper receipt of these submissions it would be helpful if the associated staff Planner managing the file, the Director of Planning (, and the Planning Admin staff member are notified in advance of any electronic submission (

Council and Committees:
Any matters requiring a decision of Council or Committee are being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please call for more information as required.

If you have any questions about specific applications or our process during this period, please continue to reach out directly to the Planner assigned to manage your file or the Director of Planning. Staff from other Town departments can also be reached via the preferred method of e-mail or phone if you have any technical questions. If no Planner has been assigned or for general inquiries please contact the Planning Admin Assistant (contact phone number 705-445-1290 or email to

Provincial Government Legislative changes:
Please be advised of the following Provincial Government Legislative changes related to the Covid 19 crisis that impact process of the appeals and Planning Act Applications

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Please continue to Stay Home, Self-Isolate, and Exercise Physical Distancing!

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