NOTICE - Roadway Line Painting Underway Beginning Sunday, June 21, 2020

June 18, 2020
Public Works, Temporary Road Closures
Road Line Painting

The Town of Collingwood will be beginning its line painting operations for the 2020 season beginning the week of June 21, 2020. This notice is to inform drivers to obey all signage and warning signs to keep their vehicles clean and clear of all roadway paint. The Town of Collingwood assumes no responsibility for paint damage claims from motorists who cross wet paint lines.

Line Painting FAQ

When does line painting occur?
The Town of Collingwood specifies that all line painting takes place during off peak traffic volume conditions.  Therefore, line painting may be completed in the mid-day, evening, or night time hours.

Why don’t line painters just paint at night?
The difficulty with painting at night arises when the temperature between the air and the road surface change at different rates, condensation occurs on the roadway making for poor conditions for paint to adhere to the roadway.

How long does it take for paint to dry?
Normal latex (water based paint) used for roadway application usually dries within two (2) minutes of application.

Paint operations are causing traffic backups, can we pass the warning trucks?
The intent of the warning trucks behind the line painter, is to provide enough space in between to allow for paint to dry. If you cross the centerline to pass line painting operations, chances are that your vehicle will end up with paint on it. Please be patient and follow the direction of the marking vehicles.

What can I do if I get paint on my vehicle?
If you find that you have paint on your vehicle, at your earliest opportunity go to a car wash or have your vehicle power sprayed to try and remove the paint. If that does not remove the paint, spray WD-40 on your vehicle and let dry for two hours, and then rewash. If this has still not removed the paint, apply Vaseline to the affected area and let sit overnight, and rewash with soap and water. Do not scrub with any type of abrasive pad or cloth. This may ruin the clear coat on your vehicle. All washing should be done with soap and water, and a vehicle wash brush or sponge.

If I cannot remove the paint, is the Town responsible?
The Town of Collingwood assumes no liability for paint damages to vehicles that have crossed wet paint lines, or disobeyed the warning signs and vehicles.

Further information:
Kris Wiszniak, Public Works and Transit Coordinator, 705-445-1292 x4204,