NOTICE - Service Disruption for Building Services

March 17, 2020
Planning & Development
Building Services

The Town of Collingwood has taken proactive precautions with facility closures & in-person Customer Service desk closures. The Town’s critical and essential services, including fire services, drinking water & wastewater treatment, snow clearing, enforcement of priority bylaws, and essential front counter customer services will continue. The Town will isolate critical Staff so to ensure the continuation of essential services. Please refer to the Town website for more information. 

The following is the current service level for Permits and Inspections conducted by the Building Services Division, until further notice: 
1. Building Permit Applications: Business as Usual 

  • Building Service Staff are working remotely and Building Permit Applications will continue to be accepted through our e-Permit Portal.
  • Email communication will be the preferred method communication. 

2. Payments for Building Permits & Compliance Letters: Reduced Level of Service 

  • Until further notice, payment for building permit fees, development charges and compliance letters will be cheque only (payable to the Town of Collingwood) and deposited to the Town Hall drop box. No in person payments. 

    Payment Process: 
    a. Complete the cheque and include the building permit number on the front of the cheque
    b. Take a photograph of the cheque and email to
    c. Arrange to have the cheque dropped off in the drop box at Town Hall.
    d. Building Services will follow up on the payment and issuing a receipt.
    ​e. Building permit or compliance letter will be issued.   

3. Building Inspections: Reduced Level of Service

  • Building inspections will completed by our Building Inspectors. 
  • At this time we have implemented the attached Safe Work Practice for our Inspectors and we ask that you assist us in ensuring our Town Inspectors have control measures in place at all times during your inspection.  

This includes: 
1. Ensuring that the Site Supervisor or designate answers the pre-screening questions. If the answer is yes to any of those, the inspection will not continue;
2. Ensure that the Site Supervisor or designate remains a minimum of 6ft away from our Inspector at all times (“Social Distancing”);
3. Ask that ALL tradespeople immediately leave the building and do not approach our Inspector – all communication will be with the Site Supervisor; and
4. Respect our Inspector’s direction in regards to their safety. 

Further, in order to ensure service continues should an inspector become ill, we are working on a “rotating shift” for our Inspectors and limiting a number of inspections per day.

The current situation with respect to the COVOD-19 pandemic will be reviewed on a daily basis and our control measures may be altered and/or suspended from time to time and on short notice. 

We will continue to monitor this situation on a daily/weekly basis and notification will be provided on any change to the above temporary service levels. We will do our best to accommodate your requested date for service, however, delays may occur and we apologize in advance and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter that is affecting all of us, we will work through this together as always. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Greg Miller, BSS, CBCO, C.E.T.
Chief Building Official
Building Services 
Town of Collingwood
55 Ste. Marie Street, Unit 301
T 705-445-1030, Ext. 3241
C 705-351-2755 

Building Services COVID-19 Inspection Pre-Screening Form

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