Official Plan Update

June 1, 2020
Planning & Development
Strategic Plan

Work on the Official Plan Update has continued since our community consultation workshop on March 4, 2020 and this update provides information on:

  • The project status
  • Release of the “WHAT WE HEARD” report that summarizes results of public consultation to date.
  • Release of a SURVEY that seeks to confirm and prioritize the issues identified so far.
  • Next steps, including the release of DISCUSSION PAPERS for public comment which forms the 3rd phase of the project and targeted time frames for additional steps.

COVID-19 related content has been included in the project to identify any related impacts on the Official Plan Update. The project is on track, learn more on Engage Collingwood.

We heard what you said at the March 4 community workshop and summarized it in the “WHAT WE HEARD” report which can be found here.

Based on what we heard from you, we have also created a SURVEY to make sure we got it right and to provide a way for all those not able to attend in March, the chance to identify their key issues and opportunities as well. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey!

DISCUSSION PAPERS which form the 3rd phase of the project are targeted for release for public comment in late June. These papers cover eight topics:

  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Community Design
  • Downtown and Waterfront
  • Greenlands (Natural Areas & Parks)
  • Growth Management
  • Housing
  • Sustainable Development
  • Transportation

If your organization/group would like to receive a presentation on the Official Plan Update, staff would be happy to set one up with you. Please let us know – we can meet virtually with your group. Contact:
Justin Teakle, Community Planner via email at:

Thank you for your continued interest in the Official Plan Update.