Official Plan Update - Topic-based Discussion Papers Released

August 7, 2020
Planning & Development
Official Plan

The third phase of the Official Plan Update includes the release of eight topic-based discussion papers, which are now available:

  1. Growth Management
  2. Sustainable Development
  3. Housing Options
  4. Community Design
  5. Greenlands (Natural Areas & Parks)
  6. The Downtown and Waterfront
  7. Transportation
  8. Municipal Infrastructure

In addition, a discussion paper on what COVID-19 might mean for the community has been added. The papers can be found at the links above or under "Discussion Papers" on Engage Collingwood.

The papers are meant to get people thinking about solutions for solving problems and charting a course for the community's future. The discussion papers set the stage for the fourth phase of the project, Options and Directions, targeted for October. The fourth phase will provide possible solutions to the issues identified in the discussion papers.

Some things to consider when reading the papers, include:

  • Have the consultants accurately captured the issues of importance to the Town?
  • Given this information how do you see the Town best developing over the next 20 years?
  • What ideas/solutions come to mind in reading the information?

If you have any comments to provide arising from the discussion papers, please send them to

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