The Optimist Club of Collingwood Assisting in the Co-ordination of Personal Protective Equipment Locally

May 13, 2020
Corporate Service, Council

Given the high demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the Optimist Club of Collingwood has answered a call by the Mayor to assist in coordinating the supply and distribution of PPE locally.

Volunteers with the Optimist Club of Collingwood are currently in the process of reaching out to local suppliers and end users with the goal of building a coordinated distribution system.

While we know the best way to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19 is to:

  • Practice physical distancing (maintain a 2 metre distance from other people whenever possible)
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Sneeze or cough into your sleeve or elbow or cover with a tissue
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly

PPE may help to minimize exposure to COVID-19 in higher risk work areas. PPE can include items such as gloves, gowns, masks, face shields, eye protection, and hand sanitizer.

As a result of the pandemic, accessing PPE from the normal supply chain has been challenging for the community. Supply is limited due to the high demand and more organizations requiring PPE to protect the safety of essential workers and help reduce the spread of the virus.

The Optimist Club of Collingwood will work with local suppliers, Town Staff, the Social Service COVID-19 Roundtable, Long Term Care settings, and health services.

“The theme of ‘Collingwood Together’ continues to shine in our community. Thank you to all of our Front-line Workers and thank you to the Optimist Club of Collingwood for assisting with the local supply and distribution of PPE. This as another good news story, exemplifying the resiliency, generosity, and kindness in our community,” said Mayor Brian Saunderson.

“I know that all of our members have been keen to do something productive that measurably helps the current health crisis we are now experiencing. When this ends look for many more events from our Optimist Club aimed at youth but for now we are pumped to be helping our community in this small way,” said Chris Baines, President of the Optimist Club of Collingwood.

If your organization is in need of PPE, please reach out to the Optimist Club of Collingwood to see how they can help. They will take your requests and advise on the timing of delivery as well if there are costs that may be involved. They can be reached at 

Please advise the Optimist Club of Collingwood if you have PPE to donate. The following items would be appreciated: N95 masks, Surgical masks, Face shields, protective goggles or safety glasses, Latex-free gloves, Reusable or disposable gowns, Hand sanitizer, Medical thermometers, Disinfectant wipes (with a DIN# or with bleach cleaner).