Please Delay Day-trips to Collingwood until Ontario’s State of Emergency has lifted

May 7, 2020
Corporate Service, Council

It is worth the wait - join us after we get ahead of COVID-19

The Town of Collingwood, with recommendation from Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, is asking you to stay at your chosen primary residence and also not to make day-trips or to visit cottages in Collingwood at this time. Collingwood is eager for re-opening and recovery, and in order to get to the end of this pandemic, we all must continue to stay at home and limit travel. The Town is excited to welcome you to Collingwood again with many great getaway options, after the Province’s State of Emergency orders have lifted and when it is safe to travel. It will be worth the wait!

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams has stated “that people should preferentially stay home and not access secondary residences, recognizing that there may be limited, essential reasons to do so”.

COVID-19 does not just show up in a community, it gets there by someone bringing it, including by those who may not even have symptoms. Please work with us to flatten the curve.

The potential harms associated with traveling to another community, even for a day, include:

  • The more people travelling and interacting with others along the way or at their destination, the more risk of spreading this virus.
  • It would take only a small fraction of our residents, cottagers, or visitors to become ill before it would push our healthcare capabilities past their limit. That means it could be you or a family member who may not have access to the intensive care bed or ventilator if you contract the virus.
  • There are plenty of reasons why people require emergency services, and any accidents, fires, or other emergencies will force front-line health care workers, police, and firefighters, many of whom are volunteers, into social contact.

We are aware that despite this strong message to stay home, there will still be some people who will make the decision to go to their cottage or day-trip. If that is what you choose to do despite the request to not do so, you need to ensure that you follow public health measures, including:

  • physical distancing of at least 2 metres from other people;
  • staying at your own property as much as possible;
  • purchasing food and medications in your primary community before arriving at their cottage and limiting their visits to the local community for essential shopping only;
  • no gatherings of more than five people unless they are all from the same household;
  • practicing frequent proper hand washing and cough hygiene, and self-isolating if you develop symptoms.

There currently is no enforcement, “barricades”, or fines so at the end of the day we are appealing to informed, responsible people to stay home and help us all get through this public health emergency together. Let’s continue to watch the provincial, federal, and health unit rule and work together to put COVID-19 behind us.

Photo by Dave West Photography

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