Podcast - Collingwood and its Emergence as a National Leader for Entrepreneurial, Independent Businesses

June 19, 2019
Business Buzz
Photograph of #1 Entrepreneural Group

In the Spring of 2019, Collingwood once again won the distinction as one of the top places for Entrepreneurship in Canada.

Ted Mallett, the Chief Economist from the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses and the author of the rankings, commented that “Collingwood continues to rank as a top place in Canada for entrepreneurship, and is #1 in Ontario.”

Some highlights of the report are here.

Now there is also a new podcast featuring Ted Mallett with John Eaton from The Peak, and Martin Rydlo, Director of Marketing & Business Development for the Town of Collingwood.

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This 45 minute podcast is an inspiring discussion detailing the challenges and opportunities facing Collingwood.  It includes these topics and more:

  • What helped Collingwood rank so well
  • Information and cultural connection to entrepreneurship
  • The importance of growing an community attractive to inspired, self-employed youth
  • Positive tax ratios help here

For the complete report Click Here