PROCLAMATION - Fierté Simcoe Pride

July 21, 2020

WHEREAS, This marks the ninth annual Fierté Simcoe Pride, and its purpose is to create a safe and inclusive Simcoe County that supports gender and sexual diversity through services, activities and events; and 
WHEREAS, The Rainbow Pride flag is raised to honour gender and sexual diversity in Simcoe County. The Rainbow Flag was designed by Gilbert Baker in San Francisco in 1978. The flag is a symbol of the Pride movement and the advancement of human rights for sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and sex characteristics. The colour red signifies life, Orange is healing, Yellow is sunlight, Green represents nature, Blue symbolizes serenity, peace and harmony, and finally, purple represents spirit; and 
WHEREAS, Fierté Simcoe Pride formed on May 13, 2012, and its mission is “to create and offer inclusive events, services, and educational opportunities that rise above heterosexism, heteronormativity and homo/bi/transphobia, promoting safe communities within Simcoe County”; and 
WHEREAS, Fierté Simcoe Pride is filled with numerous events and activities that focus on education, awareness, community development, creative expression and fun for the whole family.   
NOW THEREFORE, I, Brian Saunderson, Mayor of the Town of Collingwood, 
DO HEREBY PROCLAIM July 27 – August 9, 2020 as “Fierté Simcoe Pride 2020” in the Town of Collingwood.  
Dated this 20th day of July, 2020