March 1, 2020

WHEREAS, Probus is a local, national, and international association of retired and semiretired people who come together in non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit, autonomous clubs which provide regular opportunities for members to meet others in similar circumstances, with similar levels of interest, make new friends, and maintain and expand their interests;  

WHEREAS, Probus was started in England in 1965-66. It spread to Canada in 1987. The Probus Club of Collingwood was the 4th Probus Club chartered in Canada in October 1987;  

WHEREAS, Probus Canada today has 255 active Clubs across Canada with over 38,000 members. Clubs may be Men’s, Women’s, or Combined (Women and Men together);   

WHEREAS, There are presently 10 Probus Clubs in Collingwood with approximately 2,384 members.  

NOW THEREFORE, I, Brian Saunderson, Mayor of the Town of Collingwood, 

DO HEREBY PROCLAIM March 2020 as “Probus Month” in the Town of Collingwood.  

Dated this 24th day of February, 2020