Property Tax Bills

July 5, 2019
tax dollar breakdown 2019

Property Owners
Your 2019 final property tax bill is being mailed to you in the month of July. The total amount is payable in two installments due on August 16, 2019 and October 18, 2019. The interim tax installments, mailed in January, were due on February 15, 2019 and May 17, 2019. Your property tax bill is comprised of taxes levied by the Town of Collingwood, the County of Simcoe, and the Provincial education levies.

Tax Dollar Breakdown
Based on a sample home assessed at $300,000, the total taxes payable will be $3,495.63, broken down as follows:
Education levy: $483.00
County levy: $837.00
Town levy: $2,158.58
Capital levy: $17.05

Tax Reductions
Any pending Tax Reductions as a result of an Assessment Appeal, Request for Reconsideration, Special Amended Notice, or Section 357 Reduction will be processed in due course after the final tax bill.

Supplementary Tax Bills
For properties with new construction or renovations in 2017 and 2018 (not included on the assessment roll for 2019) and properties with new construction or renovation in 2019, taxes will be billed on a Supplementary Tax Notice later this year once assessment details have been received from MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation).

Change of Address or New Owner
The Town will issue tax bills to the mailing address provided by your solicitor, or to the address indicated on the transfer deed. If a mailing address has not been specified, the tax bill will be sent to the property address. If you wish to change your mailing address, you must notify the Tax Department in writing or by e-mail at

Pre-Authorized Payment Plans
For more information on pre-authorized payment plans for municipal property taxes, please contact the Finance Department by e-mail at or 705-445-1030 Ext. 3625.

Your property value assessment and the names and addresses of the persons assessed, identified on your tax bill, are in accordance with the Assessment Roll. This Roll was prepared by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), and is based on a January 1, 2016 valuation date. If you have any questions regarding your Current Value Assessment, please contact MPAC at 1-877-331-7766 or

Penalties and Interest
To avoid penalty and interest charges, the payment must be received by the Tax Department on or before the due date. A penalty charge of 1.25% may be added on the first day of default. Interest will be added at the rate of 1.25% on the first day of each month for as long as the account is outstanding.