Slow Down in Collingwood

June 17, 2020
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Slow Down

Drivers are reminded to slow down, respect the speed limit, and stay alert. Now, more than ever, cyclists, pedestrians, and kids at play are finding opportunities to get outside and get active while practicing physical distancing.

With the warmer weather, Collingwood trails, sidewalks, and roads have become busy places filled with families, young children, and older adults venturing outside.

As the community re-opens and adjusts to new guidelines, residents are looking to new ways of adding activity to their day with outdoor recreation and active transportation. The pandemic has further changed the habits and routines of drivers, sometimes making it tempting to drive more quickly if the roads have less vehicles. With this new normal, we all need to be more aware and conscious of others using the road.

In slowing down and staying alert, we are able to respond quickly to the unexpected such as a child chasing a ball into road or an adult who needs to take more time to cross.

Collingwood trails are another shared space. For cyclists, this means watching your speed and sounding your bell as you pass others. For pedestrians, it is important to keep to one side of the trail and ensure your pet is on a leash for the safety of others.

Our community is active and vibrant. Trails offer a network of routes, inter-connecting with green spaces and weaving along the waterfront.

As we stand together in the wake of the pandemic, stay alert and keep an eye out for others on the roads, trails, and sidewalks.

Please Slow Down in Collingwood!

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