Spring Clean-up in the Town of Collingwood has begun!

May 3, 2019
Public Works
Street Sweeping

The Town of Collingwood’s Public Works department began Spring Clean-up operations, including street sweeping, on Monday, April 22.

Street sweeping is being completed in various locations around Collingwood, including the Downtown core, residential streets, bridges, and specific boulevards, medians, and parking lots.

Improved environmental impacts, vehicle and pedestrian safety, and community aesthetics are the major benefits of street sweeping in the Town of Collingwood.

With a focus on customer service and safe commuting networks, Spring Clean-up began with bulk material collection on major bike lanes and primary roads, and has been followed by complete sweeping operations on all hard surfaced roads within the municipality.

Spring Clean-up is estimated to take 6 weeks to complete within the Downtown core and primary road section of Collingwood. This will be followed by an anticipated Town-wide completion date of June 28 (subject to weather).