Sunset Point Park Playground Construction Nears Completion

August 2, 2022
Parks, Recreation, & Culture
artist sculpting a metal owl

Construction continues in the final phase of the Sunset Point Park Playground installation. Play structures are being installed the weeks of August 2 and 9, 2022. The installation of shade sails and a rubberized surface will follow.

Lastly, the Owl and Firefly forest will be installed, featuring an original art sculpture by artist Kathryn Corbiere of One KWE. Pictured is Corbiere working on the Owl, or Gookooko’oo. The Gookooko’oo is believe to hold powers, and not always seen as good, nor bad. The Gookooko’oo comes out with the fireflies which ties in with the firefly forest theme, nestled within the cedar grove. The interactive sculpture will contain a microphone that people can speak into and have their voice amplified through the forest by way of the lights.

Sunset Point Park Playground is scheduled to re-open to the public in mid-September 2022.