Town of Collingwood continues to proactively safeguard the best interests of the community while delivering essential Town Services

Please exercise Physical Distancing & Self-Isolation. Town Hall Facility & in-person Customer Service Desks are closed until further notice. The Town will continue to offer services online and over the phone (705-445-1030). 

Eddie Bush Memorial Arena, Central Park Arena, Collingwood Museum, Centennial Aquatic Centre, & the Simcoe Street Theatre are closed until March 31. Collingwood Public Library closed until Sunday, April 5. Collingwood Playgrounds and the Skatepark are closed until further notice. Town Staff from these locations will be deployed to assist with other Town Operations.

The Town’s critical and essential services, including fire services, drinking water & wastewater treatment, snow clearing, enforcement of priority bylaws, and essential front counter customer services will continue. The Town will isolate critical Staff so to ensure the continuation of essential services.

Town of Collingwood Council is still in business and is available to the public HERE