Town of Collingwood hosting Family Engagement Session about the New Sunset Point Park Playground

August 9, 2019
Parks, Recreation, & Culture
Sunset Point Park Playground

SAVE THE DATE! Join in on the Family Engagement Session about the new Sunset Point Park Playground design project on Wednesday, August 14 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Sunset Point Pavilion.

This is a great opportunity for families to share their ideas, discover information about the project, and help support the healthy development of children across the community.

The Town of Collingwood’s Parks, Recreation, and Culture Department recently visited local schools to engage with youth on the design of a new playground facility. Giving a voice to over 200 Grade 1 to Grade 7 students at the Collingwood Elementary Schools, youth shared the forms of play that were most important to them out of 7 key categories (active, artistic, creative, sensory, games, social, and reflective). These kids also designated the play opportunities they would like to see in each of those categories and shared their ideas and designs on how they perceive the play space at the Sunset Point Park.

The playground re-design will serve to revitalize the park environment, creating a safe, inclusive, and accessible area for active play, supporting healthy development for children across the community.

Visit to stay informed about the Sunset Point Park Playground project.