Town launches Communications Survey to learn more about what residents want

June 9, 2022
People with speech bubbles

The Town of Collingwood has launched a Communications Survey aimed at Collingwood residents, to learn more about how well our communications methods are working and what we can do to improve to ensure residents are getting the information they want in the method they prefer.

The Town's Communications Division plays an integral role in communicating and engaging the public, in most of the projects, services, and action items taking place under the Community Based Strategic Plan’s Guiding Goals. A strong two-way communication and engagement approach that reflects Council’s priorities in this regard is important to ensure a consistent and accessible flow of information and opportunities for public participation.

Council approved a Communications (Division) Plan, which supports accountability and transparency, seeking to increase timely, accurate and accessible information available to the public in formats the community wants and increasing engagement between Council, staff, and the public by improving processes and opportunities.

The first step in the Plan is - Ask the community what they want. The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from residents so we can better understand the ways in which the community wants to receive information and be engaged to participate in local government.

Just for participating in this survey, participants will be entered to win an amazing prize pack valued at approximately $100 filled with goods from some of Collingwood’s amazing local businesses. Must be a resident of Collingwood to win!
Learn more and take the survey at:

For more information, contact:

Christa Carter
Manager, Public Relations & Communications
T. 705-445-1030 Ext. 3274