Update on Collingwood’s Indoor and Outdoor Recreation Facilities

July 8, 2020
Library, Museum, Parks, Recreation, & Culture
Sunset Point Park

As Provincial restrictions have begun to lift in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in response to a growing number of questions regarding Town services, an update has been prepared to help stakeholders understand the current status and outlook for the various Parks, Recreation, and Culture opportunities that would normally be a part of life in Collingwood.

It should be noted that Town Staff are adhering to at least the minimum Provincial and Health Unit guidelines, completing complex risk assessments that include consultation with industry organizations and regulating bodies, and are aggressively developing strategies for safely re-opening municipal services and facilities for public use.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these unprecedented times.

Indoor Recreation & Culture Facilities
The Centennial Aquatic Centre will remain closed until September at the earliest. The Town must consider such factors as extensive and frequent sanitation, operating with zero access to changing rooms, strict limits on numbers of swimmers in the pool and on deck, limited program offerings due to capacity constraints and lifeguard availability, and significantly changed and enhanced lifeguarding requirements and training, and an analysis of the cost-benefit of reopening to ensure that the impact on all Town taxpayers is understood.

Central Park Arena is open as of Monday, August 17, with a modified schedule of Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and with special Return to Play instructions. Eddie Bush Memorial Arena remains closed until further notice. The Arenas were closed under the Town’s interpretation of Provincial orders. To save costs and reduce the financial impacts of COVID-19, all ice surfaces were removed until recently. Replacing the ice is a lengthy process that is being triggered by the lifting of Provincial restrictions, and the careful development of protocols for use of the facility by the public, as well as a cost-benefit analysis.

Similarly, the Simcoe Street Theatre will remain closed until the Province further lifts restrictions, and guidelines are developed as to how it will be possible to operate the venue.

Collingwood Museum
The Collingwood Museum remains closed at this time but continues to respond to information and photograph reproduction requests and is actively offering virtual programs online. Staff members are also working to install a new exhibit for when re-opening is possible. As with all indoor venues, staff are continuously working with industry advisors and a corporate Recovery Team on requirement to safely welcome the public back into the facility.

Outdoor Recreation
The Town of Collingwood has re-opened municipal dog parks, soccer fields, baseball fields, pickleball courts (for club use), tennis courts, volleyball courts, the skatepark, and basketball courts for recreational use by stakeholders. Signage at each facility reminds stakeholders of the need to maintain physical distance and, in some case, where capacities have been restricted.

Parks & Greenspaces
Collingwood Parks are open with benches and picnic tables are now available for use. Sunset Point Park recently had shoreline remediation work completed, so please stay clear of freshly seeded grass areas. Millennium Park and Sunset Point Park now feature circles on the ground that encourage physical distancing.

Public Washrooms
The Public Washroom at the Transit Terminal, located at Second Street and Pine Street, is available for use and is being sanitized on a routine basis. The Public Washrooms at Sunset Point will be open daily from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Port-a-potties are now available at the Harbour, Millennium Park, the Collingwood Museum, Harbourview Park, Princeton Shores, Watts Skiff, and Sunset Point Park East. There is also an accessible port-a-potty at the Harbour.

Other Public Washrooms in Collingwood’s parks and municipal facilities remain closed until further notice due to health guidelines and resource limitations. Please plan ahead when visiting these areas.

All Playgrounds in Collingwood are now open. Playgrounds are not sanitized. Please exercise physical distancing, do not use or visit playgrounds if you have symptoms, and wash hands after playing.

Camps & Sailing School
The Museum Camps and Sailing School have been cancelled for the duration of this summer but the Town hopes to see all the campers and sailing enthusiasts back in 2021.

Harbour & Waterfront
The Boat Launch at Heritage Drive is open. Port-a-potties are available at the Harbour.

New accessible docks and accessible boat launch have been installed at Harbourview Park, west of the Birch Street parking lot.

Collingwood’s incredible trails have been open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the significant increase in traffic volumes on our Trails, it is imperative that all stakeholders practice trail etiquette – stay to the right; use bell or voice before passing; do not block the trail; cyclists yield to pedestrians; dogs must be on leash and dog waste must be collected by dog owners and properly disposed of.

RallyPoint – Virtual Parks, Recreation, and Culture
With the onset of the pandemic crisis, the Town’s Parks, Recreation, and Culture department launched a virtual means of staying active and socially connected. This online hub, called RallyPoint, links you to virtual classes, workshops, and experiences that support physical activity, well-being, education, culture, music, and much more. Stay tuned for new summer programming at www.collingwood.ca/rallypoint

Collingwood Public Library
The Collingwood Public Library is offering curbside pickup and is working hard towards re-opening. Enjoy no late fees in 2020! Discover a number of virtual opportunities for children, teens, and adults at www.facebook.com/collingwoodpubliclibrary

Please follow health guidelines and continue to exercise physical distancing.