UPDATE - Outdoor Water Use Restrictions Are In Effect

May 26, 2020
Public Works

Please take notice that outdoor water use restrictions are in effect.

Please be mindful that outdoor water use (lawn watering, etc) is permitted from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. If your street address (house number) is an even number, you can water on even-numbered calendar days. Odd street address numbers (house numbers) can water on odd calendar days.

Any questions, please contact Water Services at 705-445-1581 or water@collingwood.ca

The Town of Collingwood’s Water By-Law (2016-66, the 2016 revised Water By-Law) speaks to outdoor water use (Section 9) and the Outdoor Water Use Restrictions for odd/even numbered addresses for outdoor watering. These measures are to promote water conservation and limit the stress on the Town’s filtration plant during the high-peak days of summer.

Outdoor water use that requires the use of a hose is allowed on alternating days based on municipal address (house number). This would include lawn watering, power washers, filling pools, sprinklers, etc. Gardens can be watered using a watering can and newly laid sod (less than 28 days) is exempt.

Collingwood’s Water Treatment Plant is limited to its equipment and cannot simply pump more water out of Nottawasaga Bay. The Town is currently working on Water Treatment Plant expansion and encourages water conservation in our community.

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