Water Safety - Safe Boating & Life Jackets

June 29, 2020
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Safe Boating

On average 125 Canadians drown in boating incidents each year. One of the best ways to ensure you are boat smart this summer is by getting carded! Get the Pleasure Craft Operator Card and if you are new to boating make sure to check out STARTboating.ca to learn about the basics on how to be a safe and responsible boater. Discover more safe boating tips

80% of people who drown in recreational boating incidents were not wearing a life jacket/PFD. Trying to put on a life jacket/PFD before you capsize, or while in the water, is like trying to buckle your seatbelt right before your car crashes - it's impossible. Wearing a life jacket or PFD is the most effective way to reduce boating-related drownings in Canada. Learn more about the difference between lifejackets and PFD's.