What's Your Word? - Help Create A New Museum Exhibit

October 17, 2019
Side Launch

The Collingwood Museum invites you to participate in the creation of a new exhibit! Staff are looking for one word descriptors to help inform an exhibit about one of Collingwood’s most memorable events – the sideways launching of ships into Collingwood’s harbour.

Whether you witnessed a launch in person or have seen a piece of public art, a photograph, or video depicting a side launch, we want to hear from you!

What word would you choose to describe this event? If your word is inspired by a memory or story, please share this detail as well.

Submitted responses will be provided to a contracted design firm for the preliminary planning of an engaging exhibition about this important piece of Collingwood’s history. This new exhibit is part of the Collingwood Museum’s Gallery Re-Design Project.

The deadline for submission is Monday, November 4. Register on Engage Collingwood to share your Word and story. Words may also be contributed in person, or by phone, at the Collingwood Museum during regular hours of operation.

Share your Word