Yonnhe’ón:we a Celebration of Indigenous Arts: February Film Nights

January 23, 2024
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Yonnhe’ón:we Indigenous Arts Series returns this coming February with two special film nights scheduled. 

Yonnhe’ón:we a Kanien’kehaka word translates to everlasting/ever-giving life. The series was introduced by Jillian Morris as a medium for sharing Indigenous stories. 

“Stories carry the human experience; they promote life in all its facets. As Poet Laureate, I can help bring stories of strength, love, humility, and gratitude into the current climate. I can promote the celebration of contemporary Indigenous storytellers and in doing so play a small part in shifting the focus to a more holistic perspective of the Indigenous experience”, said Morris. 

February Film Nights builds on the first event of the series, which took place in November 2023 at the Simcoe Street Theatre and featured music, poetry, film and dance.

Thursday, February 15, 7:00 p.m. - Run Woman Run

Run Woman Run shares the experience of single mother Beck. Haunted by the death of her mother and the ghost of legendary marathon runner Tom Longboat, she must learn to honour her past and lover herself to cross the finish line towards a brighter future.

Following the screening of Run Woman Run, Jillian will speak with director/writer Zoe Hopkins and lead actress Dakota Ray Hebert. Enjoy a traditional song by Jillian in advance of the film, stay after to mingle and enjoy three sister soup prepared by the Collingwood Youth Centre culinary program along with displays by Indigenous art and craft vendors. 

Thursday, February 22, 7:00 p.m. - Warrior Spirit

Warrior Spirit is directed by Will George who is also the film subject. A member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation and land defender, George shares the story of his work to protect the land from industrial threats. Following the film screening, Jillian will host a discussion with Will George.

February Film Nights

For tickets to February Film Nights visit Eventbrite.

Yonnhe’ón:we continues into May with a distinguished panel of contemporary Indigenous storytellers from across a variety of different genres who will join Jillian in discussion scheduled for May 30th.  We are thrilled to confirm our first guest will be Anishinaabe / Ashkenazi filmmaker and storyteller, Jennifer Podemski. 
This series is made possible through the support of Shorelane Arts the series sponsor as well as the work of an incredible team inclusive of Collingwood Poet Laureate Jillian Morris, Indigenous 150+ and Elephant Thoughts. 

To learn more visit www.collingwood.ca/yonne.

Our last event sold out quickly, we encourage you to get your tickets early. 
Jillian Morris, Collingwood Poet Laureate & Event Host
Jillian Morris is Kanien’kehaka and band member of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, currently residing in Collingwood.

Jillian has established her presence in community as a writer with local media, publishing pieces that contribute to fostering a healthier Indigenous/non-Indigenous relationship.  She believes that art is an impactful medium to build bridges between cultures and worldviews. Jillian’s poetry layers traditional teachings and interconnection with the natural world to explore identity, redress untruths and foster connection.