Strategic Plans

Community Based Strategic Plan Cover

Download Collingwood Community Based Strategic Plan(PDF)
The Community Based Strategic Plan was approved by Council on September 21, 2015. Stay tuned to this page for more information on implementation and progress.

Parks, Recreation, & Culture Master Plan (2019)
The Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan identifies needs and priorities for the Town of Collingwood to the year 2028. This is a framework for well-being.

Waterfront Master Plan (2016)
The Waterfront Master Plan provides a long-term, comprehensive plan for the Town of Collingwood’s waterfront, focusing on the area from Hen and Chickens Island to Sunset Point Park, where the majority of public spaces and mixed-use activity is located.

Active Transportation Framework (2017)
This framework looks towards expanding and enhancing the active transportation network; helping and encouraging more people to use active transportation; building community engagement and support for active transportation; and, improving the layout and design of the community to be more supportive of active transportation and pedestrians in general.

Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan (2019)
The Town of Collingwood has met the challenges of monitoring and reporting of its energy consumption, as required by Ontario Regulation 507/18, and is driven to improve the energy efficiency of our operations due to rising energy costs, energy security, and environmental concerns.

Official Plan
The Official Plan establishes goals, objectives, land use, transportation, servicing and community improvement policies to direct the physical growth of the Town of Collingwood, within a context of relevant social, economic and environmental constraints, in order to obtain the most desirable living environment for present and future residents, and those citizens from the surrounding area who are utilizing the regional facilities within the Town.

Urban Forest Management Plan (Pending)
The goals of the proposed Urban Forest Management Plan include: Develop a vision for the urban forest; Conduct an inventory and assessment of the current status of the urban forest; Update the Tree Canopy Study; Develop a 10 year strategic plan with goals; Define objectives and actions based on information gathered; Produce an implementation plan with dates and responsibilities; Develop a monitoring plan with a matrix to check effectiveness and revise the plan as needed.

Asset Management Plan
Strategic Financial Plan

Master Servicing Study (Pending)
Master Traffic Study (Pending)
Economic Development Action Plan (Pending)
Strategic Plan Update (Pending)