Order of Collingwood

The Order of Collingwood was established in 1983, throughout the years the criteria has taken on many forms, but has always focused on recognizing exemplary volunteerism within the community. In 2003, the Companion of the Order was established to further recognize the volunteerism of previous recipients who continue to go above and beyond in their volunteer service to the community.

Order of Collingwood Nomination Package - Nominations Open Anually - Next Date October 2023 

Nomination Criteria - Order of Collingwood 

  • Must volunteer in the Town of Collingwood, to the primary benefit of the Collingwood community, and have received no remuneration or financial benefit from the volunteer participation or service;
  • Nominees do not need to be a resident of the Town of Collingwood, as long as the volunteer contributions benefit the community and residents of the Town of Collingwood;
  • Volunteer contributions of a nominee must have been made on a continuous basis over a period of time not less than two years with the exception of youth volunteerism;
  • Must not be a member of the current Municipal Council;
  • Awards may be awarded/presented posthumously.

Nomination Criteria - Companion of the Order

  • Same as above, however, only awarded to former Order of Collingwood recipients, who through their continued volunteer efforts improve the overall character in Collingwood for a period not less than five years.

Nomination Process & Requirements:
A complete nomination package must include the following items submitted digitally:

  • Electronically Completed Nomination form
  • A letter of support from the Nominator (digital format no more than 1 page /  500 words)
  • Two (2) additional letters of support (digital format no more than 1 page / 500 words)
  • Late submissions will not be considered
  • Paper submissions will be considered, but electronic submissions are preferred
  • Completed nomination packages should not exceed 4 pages

To find out more about how to nominate someone for this award, please click on the Order of Collingwood Nomination Package provided below.  Nominations open annually in October. 


Nominations Currently Closed. 
Deadline for Nominations: Friday, October 28, 2022 at 4:30pm
Please submit your nominations electronically to: 

Town of Collingwood
Attn: Order of Collingwood Review Committee
Email: orderofcollingwood@collingwood.ca