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Welcome to CollingWord, the place to learn about poetry and the spoken word in Collingwood. As a literary form for people of all ages and backgrounds, poetry can be a source of inspiration and help us express what matters most to us as individuals and as a community. We look forward to adding to these pages as our community’s connection to poetry grows.

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Search for next Poet Laureate 2020-2022

Poets with a passion for literary arts and who are willing to act as a champion for poetry and/or the spoken word are invited to apply for the position of Collingwood’s second Poet Laureate. During a two year term commencing in September 2020, the Poet Laureate will develop creative projects and produce original works that inspire an appreciation for poetry and the literary arts, and encourage new poets of all ages and abilities. Deadline is September 3, 2002. Full details and application requirements. 

Spring flowers on a deckMay Flowers

Like flowers, poems can be native or exotic, wild or domesticated, colorful or subtle. Help us create a beautiful bouquet of poems this month by sending your submissions to me at poetlaureate@collingwood.ca. Look for new poems Monday-Friday every week (and on the weekend, check out Poetry Pause, a daily poetry dispatch program from the League of Canadian Poets) 


Picture of loaves of bread30 Loaves - Bread for the Journey

In recognition of National Poetry Month, Poet Laureate Day Merrill will celebrate Canadian poets by posting a poem each day throughout April. We hope it provides some poetic “daily bread” for you during these challenging times.

Photo of a computer Virtual Poetry Anyone?

Poets and artists are producing some innovative and creative ways for you to stay connected and enjoy playing with words while at home.  For anyone who would like to read poetry, maybe start writing it, or view others reciting poetry, the resources in this section can help. Drop us a line if you have any resources that you’d recommend so we can share them on this page.

Poet Laureate's Blog

Welcome to my blog, which I call Symbol & Drum to reflect my dual role as your Poet Laureate. As a poet, I’ll be using symbolism, metaphor and other literary devices to create poems in a wide range of forms on the topic of Collingwood– what it means, both as a place and as a community. In addition, as a poetry advocate, I’ll be “beating the drum” to promote the written and spoken word as an art form. I hope you enjoy reading it, and I look forward to hearing from you what you’d like me to be talking about at poetlaureate@collingwood.ca.


Poetry Corner Submissions

This section is where you can share your poetry. Please submit any original poem you’d like considered (as a Word document attachment or in the body of an email) and send it to  poetlaureate@collingwood.ca. Let us know if you’d like to be acknowledged as the poet or be published anonymously. We’ll read every submission and publish what we can. We look forward to seeing your work!

Past Poetry ProjectsYoung girl making words from giant letters at Side Launch Days Harbour Festival