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Welcome to CollingWord, the place to learn about poetry and the spoken word in Collingwood. As a literary form for people of all ages and backgrounds, poetry can be a source of inspiration and help us express what matters most to us as individuals and as a community. We look forward to adding information and creative output to these pages as our community’s connection to the written and spoken word grows here in CollingWord.

Introducing Collingwood's first Poet Laureate, Day Merrill

Poet Laureate, Day Merrill sitting on a benchDay will serve a two-year term as Poet Laureate from May 2018 to April 2020 during which she will be a champion for poetry and literary arts in Collingwood. Day studied literature and poetry in university and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education and a Master of Arts.  “I see my role as 'poetry advocate'," said Day. "I’m looking forward to championing projects that have the potential to help all residents experience the power of poetry as creators, not only consumers.” 

Applications for Collingwood’s Poet Laureate position were garnered through an open call for submissions and a jury comprised of members of the community selected Day.

Contact Day: poetlaureate@collingwood.ca



A logo with the words Place Holders
This Spring we invited some local writers to select a park in Collingwood where they have a connection and create a poem about it. With the ability to fire our imaginations and bring to life the sights, sounds and character of a place, who better to highlight some of the parks in Collingwood than local poets! The result is a unique storymap developed by our in-house GIS Specialist that includes videos of each poet reciting their poem in the park. We would like to thank our five poets who helped us pilot this project: Gloria Kropf Nafziger, Jake McArthur, Day Merrill, Brenda Miller and Susan Wismer. We hope that this is just the first phase of Place Holders and that in the future we can expand our reach to include other places in Collingwood-both the notable and the unnoticed. Here is the link to the storymap >>.

Young girl making words from giant letters at Side Launch Days Harbour Festival



Pints & Poems event

In this section, you’ll find a running list of literary events that may be of intertest. If you are planning such an event and would like it posted here, please let us know. We’re always happy to spread the “word.”

Old fashioned typewriter For anyone who would like to read more poetry and maybe even start writing it, the resources in this section can help. Drop us a line if you have any resources that you’d recommend so we can share them on this page.

Head shot of Day MerrillWelcome to my blog, which I call Symbol & Drum to reflect my dual role as your Poet Laureate. As a poet, I’ll be using symbolism, metaphor and other literary devices to create poems in a wide range of forms on the topic of Collingwood– what it means, both as a place and as a community. In addition, as a poetry advocate, I’ll be “beating the drum” to promote the written and spoken word as an art form that has been underrepresented in our area compared to the visual arts, music, theatre and dance.  

I hope you enjoy reading it, and I look forward to hearing from you what you’d like me to be talking about. 

Block letters saying Poetry CornerThis section is where you can share your poetry. Please submit any original poem you’d like considered (as a Word document attachment or in the body of an email) and send it to  poetlaureate@collingwood.ca. Let us know if you’d like to be acknowledged as the poet or be published anonymously. We’ll read every submission and publish what we can. We look forward to seeing your work!