Active Experiences

Active Experiences Activities at Harbourview Park

The following activities encourage active play and can be done at Harbourview Park East, 1 Birch Street!

1. Take a winter walk.
• Take a winter walk, run or wheel. Follow the Harbourview Trail through the park. Follow the distance markers to complete up to a 5km loop or as far as you would like to go.

2. Find clues of winter animal activity.
• After a fresh snowfall search for winter tracks (ex. rabbit, dear, squirrel, dogs, geese). 
• Find helpful instructions for understanding and identifying tracks here.

3. Build a snow creation.
• Build a snow creation like a snow castle, fort, or snowperson.

4. Try our winter bingo.
• Complete four in a row on the winter bingo card.
• Find the bingo card here

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Try something Active and New offsite or at home with these additional activities.  

Finish our winter scavenger hunt.
• Can you find the winter items listed here? 

Go stargazing.
• Winter can be the perfect time of the year to search for stars.
• Turn your eyes to the skies and learn more here.

Create a winter lantern.
• Create a winter lantern or luminary to add light.
• Find instructions here.