Featured Attractions

Featured Attractions unveiled throughout the festival

Watch for Featured Attractions to be unveiled throughout the duration of the Festival.

Featured Attractions will be available for limited times only during the event.

Details will be posted here so check back regularly.

Explore Teachings of the Anishinaabe through Art
Harbourview Park, near the Awen' Gathering Place

The Teachings of the Seven Grandfathers are an ancient Anishinaabe/Midewiwin teaching on the ethics of proper behaviour and conduct or ‘the good way of life’. Luke Swinson, an Anishinaabe artist originally from Collingwood, created artwork depicting each animal that corresponds to one of these teachings. Located on signs near the Awen' Gathering Place, a short walk will reveal Luke's artwork and prompt you to guess what animal represents each teaching. If you are not able to go to the park, you can view Luke's artwork at this link.

Art in the Park
Landscapes transmogrified: highlighting the surprising and magical results of technology and nature
Harbourview Park, Boardwalk Trail

Hoping to help make the world a better place in 2021, Maggi Olson imagined hanging her colorful art on the grove of trees near the boardwalk at Harbourview Park. Maggi's work compared the transformation of the landscape that mother nature’s process has wrought, to the process of painting a landscape in oil or acrylic and then manipulating it with computer software, to produce the abstracts you see hanging on the trees. If you are not able to come to the park you can enjoy this video. This project was completed in coordination with the Parks, Recreation & Culture department. 

Skating on the Outdoor Rink
Central Park, 85 Paterson Street

Sign up for a free skate at the outdoor rink at Central Park. Same day or next day bookings are available to Simcoe-Muskoka residents. Please note that the change room is unavailable and the washroom facility is monitored by staff to ensure only one individual at a time has access. Benches and rubber mats are provided to support lacing up skates outside. Sessions are 50 minutes in length before a resurfacing of the ice is accomplished and the next booked slot of 20 skaters (max) is allowed to access the ice.  

Sign up here.

To ensure that all residents have access: for those who may not have computers or mobile devices at their disposal to access the booking site, a client representative will be available by phone to assist at 705-444-2500 ext.3382.

Take a Hike on the Trails
Multiple Locations

Wrap yourself in some warm clothing and put on your hiking boots, snowshoes or cross-coutry skiis for an excursion on one of our trails. A selection of trails are regularly groomed. While dependent upon snow depth and conditions, this program will continue throughout the winter. A map is being worked on and will be available soon to inform residents where to find groomed trails. We are coordinating with Town of the Blue Mountains to maintain consistency in grooming the Georgian Trail between the two communities. A machinery solution is also being worked on to provide more effective and efficient grooming as we continue to try and perfect this program that was started two years ago.