Reflection & Contemplation

Reflection and Contemplation Activities at Harbourview Park

The following activities encourage reflection and contemplation and are designed to be done at the Awen’ Gathering Place, 1 Cedar Street and the Arboretum, 6 Hickory Street. 

1. Discover the meaning of Winter Solstice.
• Winter solstice happens on December 21, 2020. Discover its significance and meaning here.

2. Identify local winter trees.
• Take the evergreen challenge and explore Harbourview Park as an arborist/naturalist. Can you identify our ‘winter trees’ of spruce, pine, and fir?
• Check out this guide to identifying Ontario trees here.

3. Locate the Harbourview Park beaver den.
• Can you find the beaver den at Harbourview Park?
• Learn about beavers and animal hibernation here.

4. Make a Snow Angel.
• Add a Snow Angel to Harbourview Park. Carefully fall back onto the snow, look up at the sky, spread your wings and fly!

5. Draw in the snow with your feet.
• Use the snow as a canvas and your boots as a brush. Create art on a stretch of freshly fallen snow using your feet to add designs.

6. Create a poem! Follow the trail of Poetry Prompts.
Create a poem! Follow the trail of twelve inspiring Poetry Prompts to take part in Collingwood’s first ever WordWork! Send in a poem you wrote from the prompts and have it displayed in our PoeTree installation at the Arboretum Gazebo starting January 18. If you're not able to come to the park, you can find the Prompts on the Poet Laureate webpage here.

7. Walk the Labyrinth
• Take a break from your busy life to practice mindfulness. Pick a favourite song lyric or a saying that makes you feel good and repeat it as you walk the Labyrinth or, simply listen to the sounds of nature here

8. Explore Collingwood through poetry. Visit our Poetry Storymap.
Local poets selected a Collingwood park and wrote a  poem about it, invoking the sight, sound, smell and character of these special places. Enjoy this series of six videos of each poet reciting their poem here. 

Reflection & Contemplation | Map

Reflect & Contemplate offsite or at home with these additional activities.  

Catch a snowflake and create a snowflake drawing.
• Use a dark material to capture a snowflake as it falls, snap a photo. Can you draw what you see?
• Images of snowflakes are online here.

Build a birdfeeder.
• Create a birdfeeder from things at home (pine cones, birdseed, lard). What birds can you spot? Bluejays, Cardinals, Chick-a-dee, Crow, Seagulls?
• Find helpful ideas and instructions here and here.

Take a sensory walk: see, touch, hear, smell.
• Using your different senses is a great way to discover new things about winter. Find winter sensory ideas here.

Make snow cookies with old cookie cutters.
• Old cookie cutters, sand toys or containers are great tools for outdoor winter snow play. Take a look around your home to see what you might have for outdoor play.

Try snow painting.
• Add some colour to your outdoor snow creations using food colouring or children's paint