Collingwood Live & Original

Live & Original Music Initiative

The Collingwood Live & Original Music Initiative aims to create opportunities for musicians to connect, collaborate, and cultivate their craft. Empowering artists and fostering a community culture that values live and original music unlike anywhere else. 



Upcoming Events

Spencer MacKenzie
"Goodbye Lucille is the best musical tribute to BB King I've ever heard." — Blues Matters Magazine (UK).
Sohayla Smith
A Live & Original Alumni that never disappoints!
Whisky River
Mature, bold, and sophisticated.
Blackburn Brothers
At their core, Blackburn is a band of brothers – literally.
Jake Good
Electric, engaging, and entertaining - simply as Good as it gets!
Bernadette Connors
Her new music has a unique, yet classic sound that’s been missing in Canada.
The Pairs
Family is what ties The Pairs together.
The Mike McCarthy Band
Mike and Erica McCarthy have been performing together for 30 years.