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What is the Town of Collingwood doing about Publicly Owned Trees?

The Town of Collingwood Council approved the Urban Forest Management Plan for all trees on public lands on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Part of this Management Plan requires an inventory of the trees and a rating of their health. This evaluation will help identify priorities and guide summer tree management efforts.

  • Despite local, provincial, national and international efforts, all municipal owned Ash Trees will be marked with a yellow ‘X’ and inevitably be killed by the Emerald Ash Borer.
  • Trees marked with a red ‘R’ will be scheduled to be removed as a priority and in most cases within a 90 day period. Tree removal will occur based on the level of hazard it presents to the immediate surroundings.  For example, a tree that has the potential to fall on a busy street or sidewalk will take priority over a tree along the side of a trail.
  • Trees marked with a green dot are identified as an Ash tree and to be injected with TreeAzin (a method of protection against the Emerald Ash borer).
  • Trees marked with a green dot and a blue dot have been injected with TreeAzin by the contractor.

Currently the Town plants on average approximately 125 trees throughout the community on an annual basis.

Replacement trees will occur as budget allows and if site conditions are favourable for a tree.