Activity Guide Submission

The Parks, Recreation & Culture Department is currently seeking content for its 2022 Summer Community Activity Guide. We’re calling on all recreational and cultural activity providers to submit your activity details today!

The 2022 Summer Community Activity Guide will:

  • Highlight recreational and cultural programs, events, and amenities available in Collingwood
  • Contain information pertaining to activities taking place between June 2022 and August 2022
  • Be posted on the town website in April 2022 

To be eligible for inclusion in the guide, your activity (program or event) must:

  • Take place in whole or in part within the Town of Collingwood
  • Be of a recreational or cultural nature
  • Be open to the general public
  • Not promote hatred nor discriminate on any grounds covered by the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Contribute to the quality of life of area residents
  • Be submitted by Friday, March 25, 2022

The Community Activity Guide will detail the following:

Programs - By Not-for-profit Community Groups

  • Must be organized by not-for-profit community groups
  • Will feature expanded program descriptions
  • Will be divided into Arts & Culture or Sports & Recreation sections
  • Examples of programs include classes, courses, leagues, teams, clubs, and regularly scheduled drop-in activities

Programs - By Local Businesses

  • Lists programs run by local businesses
  • Will feature basic program descriptions
  • Combines arts, culture, sports and recreation programs in one section
  • Can include summer camps or holiday programming presented by local businesses

Camps & Holiday Programs

  • Must be organized by not-for-profit community groups
  • Can include summer camps or holiday programming for children

Special Events

  • Must be arts, culture, sports or recreation related
  • Must take place in Collingwood. In special cases the event may take place outside of Collingwood if the presenting organization is Collingwood-based
  • Events organized by not-for-profit community groups or charitable events organized by local businesses will be given priority over for-profit events by local businesses
  • Commercial promotions are not eligible
  • Examples of special events include festivals, concerts, art shows, theatre performances, lectures, tournaments, races, open houses, and workshops.
  • Events taking place on municipal property, though promoted in the Community Activity Guide, are still subject to the municipal event permit process.

Submission Forms

Submissions must be remitted using the forms to the left by 4:30pm on Friday, March 25, 2022.

Space Allocation

The volume of submissions received will determine the number of listings included per organization. Please limit your submissions to eight (8) per organization and list in order of priority. Grouping your organization’s programs or events by type or theme should also be considered. Additional listings may be provided to municipal partner organizations, at the discretion of the PRC department.

The Fine Print

The PRC Department will make every effort to include all applicable information but cannot guarantee the accuracy of all listings or that all eligible listings will be included. Attempts will be made to include submissions received after the deadline but cannot be guaranteed. All attempts will be made to rectify errors or omissions that appear in the guide by posting the corrected information online.

For more information please contact the PRC Department at 705-444-2500.