Heritage Collingwood

image of heritage properties in Collingwood. The Town of Collingwood was the first municipality in Canada to have a Heritage Conservation District included on the prestigious list of Canada’s Historic Places. Click here to view a map of the Heritage District as well as some of the individual properties which are designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.  

The Town of Collingwood is very proud of its District and designated properties.  The  Heritage Collingwood website has valuable insight into the creation of the district and its properties. There are descriptions and photos of some of the properties within the Heritage District, thanks to the Collingwood Downtown Heritage Conservation District Study and Plan, prepared by Architect and planner Phillip H. Carter and Associates.

To preserve properties designated under Part IV (individual property) or V (Heritage District) of the Ontario Heritage Act, do not make any exterior alterations, including painting or window replacements, to these properties without first obtaining a Heritage Permit from the Town of Collingwood. To discuss the proposed alterations and how to apply for a permit, please email planning@collingwood.ca. If you have a designated property or believe you have a designated heritage property and are unaware of the process to make alterations to the design, which includes but is not limited to windows, doors, painting, fences, or any feature upon the property, contact the Planning Department. Also, be advised that adjoining buildings are also impacted by the Heritage District and Designated Buildings, so be sure to contact us prior to making any alternations.

The Heritage Committee is appointed by Council to advise on matters relating to the Heritage District and Designated buildings.  The committee meets monthly to discuss and review any heritage matters. They will, with staff, discuss any pending permits and alterations as well as other heritage matters. More information about the Heritage Committee is available here

To discuss permits or other matters relating to heritage properties please email planning@collingwood.ca 

Events related to Built Heritage that may be of interest can be reviewed here.

Below are links of interest including Incentives for Property Owners, Heritage Permits, Grant Guidelines, and the Heritage Tax Refund. 

  • The public portal, upon registration, allows users to upload heritage permits, grant applications, and tax refunds. It enables the user to add pdf forms and pictures to their proposal. 
  • Heritage Grant Program, and fillable application form. Eligibility criteria and the application process are outlined in the Collingwood Heritage Committee Grant Guidelines, available at www.heritagecollingwood.com.  
  • Heritage Property Tax Refund, and fillable application form.

Heritage Permit is for Signage, Painting a Heritage Building and Adjoinging Property, 

Other Heritage Matters

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