Featured Artist

Interested in being a Featured Artist or in suggesting someone who should be? Let us know! A Featured Artist can be a person or an organization involved in any creative activity that's making waves in our communty. Contact artsandculture@collingwood.ca

Current Featured Artist: Susan Wismer, Poet

Susan Wismer pictured in Friendship Gardens Park, Collingwood

Susan Wismer is a local published poet. Her work appears in This Wine into Water, a chapbook published by Wintergreen Studios Press and edited by Lorna Crozier, ARC Poetry Journal 85 (Winter 2018), and the 2017 Women Artists Agenda of the Syracuse Cultural Workers.  

“I wrote my first poem at age 5 – a poorly spelled, simply stated outpouring of my heartfelt yearning for a pet dog.  Writing about what matters most to me has been important ever since. I am privileged now, at this time in my life, to be able to turn toward poetry and its particular power to change me and the world, for the better.”

Susan is a member of the Collingwood Public Library Writer’s Collective which meets each month at the Collingwood Public Library. This month one poem from the Collective’s 2017 anthology, Musings 2, was republished online through Your Daily Poem

Susan was inspired by one of Collingwood’s many beautiful parks, Friendship Gardens and wrote a poem shared here for April’s National Poetry Month.  




sumac, grey arms
bent under snow, crusted 
ice on the foot-slid path  
red arc, faded
at the bridge
iced grasses wave gold         
angled light 
creek water cold
in my ungloved hand 
distant winter sun
snap, clang, sound
gasp, clench of wind 
white-fingered, shaking
tall pole, 
tattered flag.
- Susan Wismer

Susan is currently completing a manuscript of poems and word collages exploring what it means to be to be a settler Canadian living along the southern shore of Georgian Bay. “I have learned that (Re)conciliation is not a place to return to. It is a place to create, to find, to explore.” 

Inspired by Call to Action #83, a collaborative visual arts project involving 16 Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, Susan is hoping to connect with Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers, singers, spoken word artists, storytellers or artists who work with words in any way in any language to discuss a collaborative writing project.

Contact Susan at susanwismer@gmail.com