Our Commitment To Sustainability

Sustainable Community Plan

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Collingwood is a town blessed by stunning natural amenities that has active and involved residents and staff. We protect our natural environment; contribute to a diverse and vibrant economy; and act in ways that enhance our community’s overall health and well-being through a social framework that encompasses the arts, culture, heritage and recreation.

Collingwood Core Principles of Sustainability

Principle 1: Provide a framework for sustainability in Collingwood.

Principle 2: Achieve a long-term economic and social viability.

Principle 3: Recognize the intrinsic values of biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and protect and

re-store them.

Principle 4: Encourage appropriate sustainable use of resources and technologies to minimize

environmental negative effects.

Principle 5: Recognize and build on the distinctive characteristics of Collingwood including

our human and cultural values, history and natural systems.

Principle 6: Expand and encourage regional cooperation to work toward a common, sustainable future.

Principle 7: Foster public awareness and participation to work toward a common, sustainable future.

Principle 8: Advance the understanding of Municipal Government on the need for accountability,

transparency and promotion of sustainable core values and principles.

Principle 9: Establish performance indicators and bench marks to be able to measure the

community’s progress towards sustainability.

Characteristics of a Sustainable Collingwood

Now, and in 40 years, we want Collingwood to be a community with an equal balance of the following characteristics:

  • Strong municipal leadership and transparent governance structures;
  • The ability to attract and retain a diverse and healthy mix of residents of all ages, genders and ethnicities;
  • Meaningful and productive partnerships with other orders of government and stakeholders;
  • Viable local employment options;
  • Affordable and accessible opportunities for involvement in arts, culture and recreation activities;
  • Clean air and water through reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Usable land from remediated brownfields;
  • A valuable and memorable experience for visitors;
  • A high degree of walkability and alternative modes of transport besides a single-use vehicle;
  • Protected natural features and a compact urban form;
  • A high degree of social cohesion and a common identity;
  • Solid investments in infrastructure; and
  • Affordable places to live.


We will achieve our vision by taking action and making decisions that support each of these six, inter-related goals:

  • Protecting our land and natural environment
  • Improving how we get around
  • Minimizing resource use
  • Strengthening our economy
  • Enhancing our arts, cultural, heritage and recreation opportunities
  • Reinforcing the importance of our community’s social framework

Sustainable Decision-Making

To achieve our vision of a sustainable community, we need to build upon the value-added services we provide to our community and ensure that sustainable decision-making is supported across the town. Therefore, we commit to incorporate the following considerations during the implementation of our plan:

  • Thinking long term
  • Making balanced decisions
  • Reducing our ecological footprint
  • Engaging residents

Considerations for Implementation

The SCP is meant to be a living document. The final section includes recommendations for:

  • Integrating the sustainability framework into the day-to-day functioning of the municipality;
  • Continuing the Sustainability Committee;
  • Building partnerships; and
  • Ensuring continual review and renewal of the SCP.