Collingwood Elvis Festival NON-COMPETITIVE Tribute Artist Registration

This form should only be filled out and submitted by NON-COMPETITIVE Tribute Artists wishing to participate in the 2019 Collingwood Elvis Festival taking place July 26-28.

Registration closes Sunday, May 12 at 11:30pm.

Non-competitive Tribute Artists are required to register and pay a fee of $75+HST = $84.75 Please select method of payment and then call the Town of Collingwood at 705-444-2500 x3279 to submit payment information by phone.
A high-quality colour photo in jpg format of the tribute artist in costume is required for the Festival Souvenir Program. Note that if an updated photo is not received the latest photo on file will be used. If no photo is on file, the tribute artist will not be included in the Souvenir Program.
Files must be less than 4.88 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png.
Do you have a portable sound system that could be used by the Town of Collingwood to accompany you and others? If yes, please bring it with you to the Festival. Note that if the equipment is used by the Town of Collingwood you will receive a usage fee from us. Standardized fees will apply on a per use basis.
Non-competitive Tribute Artists are expected to participate in the Friday Awesome Street Party. This is a fun, social event that is not judged or part of the competition. Tribute artists are also expected to participate in at least one additional non-paid performance from the list above (descriptions below): Goodwill Appearance - In the spirit of Elvis, a free performance you provide to residents or guests in nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Charity Lounge - in support of a fundraiser for a local charity (My Friend's House, Humane Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters) Gospel Appearance - Sunday morning only on our 'Inner Elvis' stage (Centre block near Third Street) Fan Appreication - Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon on our 'Inner Elvis' stage (Centre block near Third Street) Please indicate all performances in which you wish to paricipate.
Earliest time is 6:00pm. Please indicate the earliest you could be onsite to perform.
You will be provided with your scheduled appearance time and confirmed song choice(s) in advance of the Festival. If there is a conflict, please notify the Festival Office IMMEDIATELY so we can reschedule you into a workable appearance time.
My name, image, likeness, photo, bio, voice and audio/visual footage can be used by the Town of Collingwood in perpetuity without compensation or payment. I agree to read the FULL version of the rules and regulations upon receiving confirmation of my participation. Failure to read and follow the rules will not be accepted as an excuse. By submitting this form, I provide my implied consent to the Town of Collingwood to schedule the following appearances, on my behalf, and I will fulfill those obligations as set forth in my Arrival Schedule: One (1) non-paid performance as part of my commitment as a Participant One or two songs as times permits, live with the Festival band at the Awesome Street Party on Friday, July 26th
The Town of Collingwood in no way guarantees a paid performance opportunity to me. I accept that should a paid performance opportunity be secured on my behalf, I agree to accept the “festival” performance fee specified and payable from the venue directly. In the alternative, the Town of Collingwood shall provide me with a list of registered venues, upon request, so that I can personally contact venues and secure a performance, if available. I understand it is my sole responsibility to secure payment for my services from the venue, without assistance from the Town of Collingwood. I agree to inform the Town of Collingwood if I am approached with a performance opportunity, by an unregistered venue, in an effort to register the venue so that I can legally perform there and not jeopardize the Town's license agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. I accept and understand that performing at an unregistered venue has legal implications to the Town of Collingwood, under its existing license agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises, and could result in legal consequences to me personally and to the venue that breached their responsibility with the Collingwood Elvis Festival.