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Last Name First Name Middle Name Birth Date Date of Death File(s)
18/09/1963 05/09/2022 View
Aarden Wilhelmus (Willy) Johannes Maria 25/02/1955 18/05/2020 View
Aaron Danielle Lee 00/00/1986
Abaza Andrew Kenneth 29/07/1994
Abaza Cheri Ann
Abaza Leah Beverley 00/00/1997
Abaza Matija "Matt" 24/01/1948 16/01/2017 View
Abaza Tony
Abbey Albert's son 00/00/1936
Abbey Albert's son 00/00/1933
Abbey Annie Lorine 11/03/2008 View
Abbey Carl Lloyd 00/00/2005
Abbey Clifford Ernest 00/00/1974
Abbey E (Dr.) 00/00/1902
Abbey L 00/00/1945
Abbey Luke
Abbey Marcus 00/00/1966
Abbey Marian Jean
Abbey Mark
Abbey Martha 00/00/1946