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Last Name First Name Middle Name Birth Date Date of Death File(s)
Abbey Martha
Abbey Mary Elizabeth Dorothy 00/00/1860 00/00/1927
Abbey Mary 00/00/1964
Abbey Mary 00/00/1917
Abbey Mary Christine 00/00/1968
Abbey May 00/00/1981
Abbey Ross Mervyn 00/00/1928 00/00/2001
Abbey Sarah Catherine 00/00/1930
Abbiss Frank 00/00/1963
Abbot Marguerite Amellie 16/01/1903
Abbots Isabelle 00/00/1968
Abbots Kristen Hayley
Abbots Melissa Elizabeth 00/00/1978
Abbott Elsie 00/00/1917
Abbott Freda
Abbott George S
Abbott Gordon Emerson 00/00/1976
Abbott Gordon Emerson
Abbott Lassie
Abbott Marguerite Amelie 16/02/1903