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Last Name First Name Middle Name Birth Date Date of Death File(s)
Abbott Marguerite Amelie 16/02/1903
Abbott Mary Louise 00/00/1955
Abbott Roy's wife 00/00/1930
Abbott Tayler Anderson 02/10/1989
Abbott William 00/00/1900
Abbotts Alfred Bruce
Abbotts Beth Patricia 00/00/1950
Abbotts F.M.'s wife 00/00/1943
Abbotts Harold James
Abbotts James Elmer
Abbotts Joseph 00/00/1973
Abbotts June Lois 05/06/1928 18/01/2017 View
Abbotts Kenneth Lloyd 18/07/1922 29/05/2011 View
Abbotts Kristen Hayley 00/00/1982
Abbotts Marie 00/06/1945
Abbotts Marilyn Ann 06/11/1943 03/01/2015 View
Abbotts Mary Louise 00/00/1952
Abbotts Mary Christena 00/00/1999
Abbotts Russell Kirkwood 30/08/1985
Abbotts Sue 0/0/0 0/0/0 View