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Last Name First Name Middle Name Birth Date Date of Death File(s)
Abbotts William (Bill) 0/0/0 0/0/0 View
Abercrombie Albert
Abercrombie Edward 00/00/1919
Abercrombie Eliza Jane 08/10/1933
Abercrombie Frank Russell 15/04/1995
Abercrombie Gladys Charlotte 00/00/1997
Abercrombie Harry Robert 08/05/1987
Abercrombie Hezikiah 00/00/1954
Abercrombie Irma 00/00/1976
Abercrombie John R 00/00/1883
Abercrombie Joseph 00/00/1947
Abercrombie Marilyn Ann 00/00/1948
Abercrombie Marilynn 01/05/2018 View
Abercrombie Mary 00/00/1952
Abercrombie May
Abercrombie Vera Jean 00/00/1974
Abercrombie William S 00/00/1940
Abernethy Addie M. 00/00/1933
Abernethy Addie M. 00/00/1933
Abernethy Charles Henry 00/00/1961