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Last Name First Name Middle Name Birth Date Date of Death File(s)
Zeigal Maria 00/00/1934
Zeigell D. S.
Zeiggel Albert 00/00/1906
Zeiggel Elizabeth 00/00/1907
Zeiggel Elizabeth Maria 00/00/1910
Zeiggel James 00/00/1937
Zeiggel Louis
Zeiggel Louisa Christina 21/08/1987
Zeiggel Louisa
Zeiggel Ludwig (Louis) 00/00/1826 18/11/1889 View
Zeiggel Selina 08/08/1835 04/07/1923 View, View
Zeiggell Frederick
Zeiggell Mary Elizabeth 00/00/1921
Zelaske Megan Joy
Zelasko Daniel
Zelasko Joy
Zenin Karin Eva Inge 16/09/1935 19/11/2019 View
Ziegel Albert Henry
Zierik Alexa Milan 00/00/2007
Zierik Kelly