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Last Name First Name Middle Name Birth Date Date of Death File(s)
Abernethy Wm 00/00/1934
Abigail Sadie 19/09/1992
Ablewhite Grace Marion
Ablewhite William Thomas
Abramoff Edward 22/12/1931 03/03/2020 View
Ace William 00/00/1941
Acheson Edna Ann 00/00/1885
Acheson Ernest
Acheson Isasbelle
Acheson Lorne 00/00/1959
Acheson Mary 00/00/1995
Acheson Mary 00/00/1995
Acheson Renford 00/00/1987
Acheson Renford
Acheson Stuart 00/00/1913
Acheson W. J. 00/00/1897
Acker Mollie
Acker Robert Booth
Ackerman Eric Arthur 00/00/1936
Ackerman Geo. Corwin